Looking for a new management company? Is your current management company providing the service your Association deserves and needs?

o We are a full service licensed management company based in Orlando. Our staff is professional, experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of property management.

o We strive to save our clients hundreds if not thousands of dollars by reducing expenses in various areas like attorney, insurance, and other vendor expenses, and make every effort to maximize revenue by effective collections and account management

o Our goal is to keep your property and facilities looking pleasant and in good repair. We will hire, if need be, and manage all vendors including janitorial services, landscaper, pest control, plumbers, electricians, and other professional service companies

o Seamless and painless Management transition

o We will take care of the accounting, collections, budget performance and taxes

o Our tenant services include leasing and collections, marketing, public relations, housekeeping and environmental services. We also run background checks on all potential tenants.

o We have licensed professionals & hands-on staff including in-house accountant and in-house collections. We perform regular inspections and run monthly and annual financial statements

o We provide monthly management reports, annual budget preparation, attend regular meetings and record minutes, maintain association records, handle all common ground repairs, advice on legal matters, and effective Covenant, Conditions, and Regulations (CC&R) enforcement.

o We will make sure all owners and/or tenants are familiar with the Association’s Covenant and rules and regulations. We will make sure that you are in compliance with State, County, and City codes and ordinances.

o We will provide the Board accurate recording and bookkeeping reports including Balance sheet, P&L Budget Performance, AR Aging Summary, Cash Activity, Bank Reconciliation reports and more.

Give us an opportunity to present our property management package to you at no cost to your Association and with no commitments. Call us at 321-276-9706 or email us at sales@cmrhoa.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Services we provide:


Accounting; Collections; Reserves and Expense Management; Board Meeting Representation and Recording of Meeting Minutes; Monthly Financials; Annual Budget; Annual Financial Assemble; Tax Returns; Perform Regular Inspections of Complex; Advise Board on Legal Matters; Effective Code Enforcement; Vendor and Project Management; Maintain Association Records; Handle all Common Ground Repairs

Financial Reporting

Balance Sheet; Profit & Loss; Cash Activity; Customer Aging Summary; Bank Reconciliation; Collections

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